Appointments Now Offered in Cameron, MO

GOOD NEWS! Beginning Monday, August 12, 2019, Willowbrook Women’s Center will begin offering no-cost services to women who find themselves in a crisis pregnancy. Appointments will be on Monday afternoons. What does this mean? It means that women in Cameron, and the areas surrounding Cameron, will have an opportunity to get the critical information they need before making a final decision about their pregnancy outcome.

Our temporary location is 811 S. Walnut, Cameron, MO 64429, across from Casey’s. When you drive by, you will see the Willowbrook Women’s Center flag and a flag by the door where you enter. We are now accepting appointments online and by phone, (816)244-7824.

If you live in Cameron, Hamilton, Maysville, Gallatin, or any of the surrounding communities and you’re in an unplanned pregnancy, give us a call or make an online appointment.

How Much Does an Appointment Cost?

There is never a cost for appointments at Willowbrook Women’s Center.

How Long Will My Appointment Take?

You should plan to be at your initial appointment for one hour.

Do I Need to Bring Anything?

Bring a photo ID to your appointment.

Why Would it be Important for me to Come for This Appointment?

This appointment is a pregnancy screening or sometimes called a pre-abortion screening. If you’re considering any options other than parenting, you will need to know some key facts about your pregnancy:

Is this pregnancy located in the proper spot in my body?
Is this pregnancy progressing?
How far along am I?
Do I have a positive STD?
What options do I have for this pregnancy?
What if I’m considering adoption?

Getting the answers to these questions, and more, is critical when you’re at a crossroads in your pregnancy.

Willowbrook Women’s Center is the first step when you’re wrestling with tough decisions. All appointments are confidential.

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