Your friend has missed her period or found out she’s pregnant. She’s upset, and you want to help. Encourage her to make an appointment at Willowbrook Women’s Center today. Our staff will help equip her to make a confident decision.

What You Can Do

“My friend is pregnant and wants an abortion”. The thought swirls in your mind constantly and you want to help, but don’t know how. You want the best outcome for your friend. She deserves to know the information about different abortion procedures, costs, risks, and side effects. She may also want to consider the other options available to her. With so much to think about, encourage her to give us a call. All of our services are free and confidential.

Don’t Panic!

Your friend should take the first step by getting one of our lab-quality pregnancy tests. A licensed medical professional will read the pregnancy test for accuracy. If your friend has a positive test at our center, she will be offered a pre-abortion ultrasound. This will help her get the information she needs.

Pressure From Family And Friends

Your friend may be feeling pressured to end her pregnancy. People of influence in her life may be adding confusion instead of clarity. Or maybe your friend is worried about disappointing family or friends. Encourage her to complete her first step at our center. She’ll be glad she did. When facing an unplanned pregnancy, the first step to empowerment is making sure you have the facts.