7 Things to Consider Before Ending Your Pregnancy

You feel like you’re in an impossible situation, and it’s really hard to decide what to do. When you’re unexpectedly pregnant, fears rise up, and that’s normal. You have many questions that need answers, and you aren’t exactly sure where to turn for help.

Maybe abortion seems like your only option, but perhaps there’s a part of you that isn’t sure. The thing is, you can’t end your pregnancy and then reverse it if you decide you rushed into your decision too quickly. Here are 7 tips to consider before ending your pregnancy.

1. Know you aren’t alone.

Nearly half of all pregnancies are unintended according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That’s three million other women each year trying to make the same decision you’re facing today.

Women of every age and background can relate to what you’re going through. So if there is any part of you feeling ashamed for being unexpectedly pregnant, try to show yourself the same compassion you would show your best friend if she was in your shoes, and then focus on one step at a time.

2. Consider all your options.

You have three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting. There is no “easy way out.” Each option has short-term and long-term effects on your life. However, you deserve the opportunity to gather the facts you need about each option to make an informed and confident decision. It’s important to not move forward with a decision if you’re feeling unsettled about it in your gut.

  • Parenting: Many pregnancy centers offer information about parenting classes and encouragement to help you navigate the practical aspects of parenting each step of the way.
  • Adoption: There are three types of adoption:closed, semi-open, and open. Birth mothers are the ones who make the decision about what type of adoption they prefer. Most adoptions now are open adoptions. That means the birthmother chooses the adoptive parents and works with those who are open the level of contact she wants to have with her child after the adoption is finalized. The level of contact varies from exchanging photos and letters to the birthmom playing an active role in her child’s life.
  • Abortion: There are several types of abortion to consider depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy. Here are helpful answers to common questions to also consider before an abortion. Research the emotional impact, physical risks and side effects of abortion until you feel adequately informed.

The first step before considering abortion is to be sure your pregnancy is viable.

3. Confirm your pregnancy is viable.

A viable pregnancy is one that is in the uterus and is showing signs of progressing normally. A positive pregnancy test means that a pregnancy hormone, hCG was detected in your urine. However, March of Dimes reports that nearly 50% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage. 80% of those miscarriages happen within the first three months of pregnancy.

Before you take the chance of having an unnecessary abortion, it’s crucial to confirm your pregnancy is viable. That is a no-cost service at pregnancy resource centers  (PRCs) across the country.

Here is another scenario to consider: If your pregnancy is not in your uterus (ectopic pregnancy) and you take an abortion pill without that information, it can be very dangerous to your health. This is another reason to confirm that your pregnancy is viable before proceeding with an abortion. 

4. Seek out local resources.

You might not know there are resources, grants, and services available to you from people who care deeply about women who are unexpectedly pregnant.

There are approximately 3000-3500 PRCs throughout the U.S., and they are funded by private donations. PRCs are not places where you will be judged. To the contrary, they exist to empower you with compassion. You can Google “where is the nearest pregnancy resource center to (your city)” to receive low to no-cost, confidential services.

PRCs don’t financially benefit from your decision. They provide resources that are available in your community in addition to no-cost or very low-cost pregnancy testing and ultrasounds to women just like you who need help figuring out what to do when they are unexpectedly pregnant. Most of PRC’s also provide sexually transmitted infection testing (STI).

5. Are you making a decision based on fear?

It’s normal to experience fear when you discover you are unexpectedly pregnant. But be careful not to make a decision about your pregnancy from that fear. Fear is temporary, and if you make a permanent decision based on temporary fears, you can unwittingly set yourself up for more pain down the road.

Know that it’s against the law for anyone to coerce you or force you to have an abortion.

6. What is your ”gut” telling you?

Everyone has that quiet voice or feeling inside themselves. We call that sense your gut feeling. After you gather information, listen to your gut feeling. What is it saying? Write it down. Consider it carefully. It just may save you from having regrets down the road.

7. Seek out advice from someone who is neutral.

You have a tough decision to make, and it’s always nice to have another person to talk to. Sometimes they have a perspective you haven’t considered. But in reality, your partner, parents, and friends can’t be neutral when they are giving you advice about you’re pregnancy.When you seek advice, ask yourself if that person has anything to gain or lose from your decision? If so, weigh the advice very carefully.

We Are Here to Help

Make a confidential appointment at Willowbrook Women’s Center today for a pregnancy screening appointment. Each day, our trained advocates and licensed medical professionals help women sort through their concerns and questions about their unplanned pregnancies. We provide compassionate care and the unbiased facts you need to make an informed decision. We’ll walk with you one step at a time until you feel empowered to make a confident decision. And we are always just a call or text away if you leave your appointment and realize you have more questions.

Unplanned Pregnancy Services Near Highland, KS
unplanned pregnancy services

Now what? You’re looking at a positive home pregnancy test, and you don’t have a clue what to do next. So, you turned to Google, and here you are. Here’s the good news amidst all the fear and uncertainty: compassionate, confidential help is available at Willowbrook Women’s Center – at no cost to you!

We understand what it’s like to be in your shoes, and we’re dedicated to providing compassionate care to help you navigate this difficult time. We do this in three ways: First, providing critical information. Second, offering no-cost medical services. Third, creating a safe place where you can focus on your next step without feeling pressure.

Three-Step Services Available to You

Providing you with critical information to make a confident decision

Let’s face it; deciding on how to move forward with an unexpected pregnancy is hard. Each choice has aspects to take into consideration, so it’s important that you never feel rushed or pressured into a decision.

Our trained advocates will listen without judgment to help you sort out your obstacles and fears as well as help you break your concerns down into manageable steps. We’ll also provide you with critical information about your three options: abortion, adoption, and parenting so that you can make a confident decision based on accurate facts. 

Offering you professional, no-cost medical services

As soon as you think you might be pregnant, come on in and see us for a confidential pregnancy-screening appointment.

Our licensed medical professionals will run a lab-grade pregnancy test at no cost, which will detect if the pregnancy hormone (hCG) is in your urine. If your pregnancy test is positive, you will receive a no-cost ultrasound.

Since up to half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, and 80% of those in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, an ultrasound confirms if your pregnancy is viable. The ultrasound also determines how far along you are in your pregnancy.

This is all critical information to have if you are considering abortion, so you don’t have to schedule and pay for a procedure you don’t need if the pregnancy isn’t viable. Different methods of abortion are only available during certain stages of pregnancy, and an ultrasound accurately dates your pregnancy.

In addition to pregnancy tests and ultrasounds, we offer STI testing. Women usually don’t feel symptoms with the most common STIs, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, so we also provide this confidential service at no cost so that you can be your healthiest!

Creating a safe place where you can focus on your next step without feeling pressure

Lastly, we care about each woman who visits us. It’s important to us that you feel safe from the moment you walk through our doors. What does safe mean?  Safe means you’re never judged for your choices; you’re seen and heard; your questions are answered; your privacy is respected, and you never feel pressured into a decision.

We Are Nearby to Support You

If you think you might be pregnant, take the first step by making an appointment today at Willowbrook Women’s Center. We’ll answer your questions and walk with you one step at a time so you can be comfortable with your pregnancy decision. You are stronger than you know!

An Unexpected Pregnancy in Late 30s
unexpected pregnancy in late 30s

You’re feeling pretty stunned right now. You’re in your late 30s and just found out you’re pregnant – unexpectedly. There’s no doubt about it; an unexpected pregnancy in late 30s is very different from one in your teens or 20s.

Whether you’re apprehensively excited about the news, or completely devastated, you’re not alone. Our caring advocates at Willowbrook Women’s Center have walked many women through processing options and concerns upon discovering they were pregnant unexpectedly. We are here for you too!

Processing Your Concerns

When a women in her teens or early 20’s becomes unexpectedly pregnant, she is concerned about things related to starting out in life: how to tell her parents, how to finish her education, the impact on her future career plans, financial fears, boyfriend and social relationships, body image, etc.

But your feelings and concerns in your late 30s are different.

You never expected to be facing an unexpected pregnancy now:

First, the odds of conceiving unexpectedly are lower than when you were younger. In fact, a woman in her late 30’s only has a 52% chance of becoming pregnant within a year of trying to get pregnant. So the fact that you conceived unexpectedly is against the odds, which intensifies your shock.

You wonder how your friends, family, and partner will respond. The good news is you have more life experiences behind you and have learned to focus less on the opinions of others.

You might have older children and adding another would be starting over. So you do the math to see how old you will be when another child graduates high school. Frankly, it’s scary to think about. Or maybe, your children are all boys or all girls, and the possibility of a child of the opposite sex is reservedly nice to imagine. You vacillate between “I can do this,” and “I can’t do this.”

If you are feeling a wide array of reactions that change from moment to moment, you are normal! There are many other women who have been in your shoes. Seek them out, and ask them how they decided what to do. Ask them how they feel about the decision they made.

You also think about health risks:

It’s true there are increased health risks when you’re pregnant in late 30s. However, with good lifestyle choices and prenatal care, you can have a successful outcome if you choose to continue your pregnancy.

Ways to lower risks:

  • Prenatal care and testing
  • Prenatal vitamins/folic acid
  • Healthy diet
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Regular dental appointments
  • Exercise
  • Refrain from smoking and alcohol

Although you may want to get advice from those you trust about your next steps, remember that whether or not you continue your pregnancy is your decision to make.

We are here to help you make a confident decision

Make an appointment today at Willowbrook Women’s Center for a no-cost pregnancy screening appointment. Our licensed medical professionals and trained, compassionate advocates will listen to your concerns without judgment and help you to make a confident decision about your pregnancy.