Is it Possible to Have a Negative Pregnancy Test And Still Be Pregnant?

Perhaps you took an at-home pregnancy test, the results came back negative, but you still feel pregnant. Perhaps you have tried even twice; still, you feel pregnant, unsure of the accuracy of your result. You may be wondering if it is possible to have a negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant. The answer, quite simply, is “yes.”

If you’re concerned about the accuracy of your test result, that’s perfectly okay! In fact, at-home pregnancy tests aren’t conclusive, so taking further steps to confirm or deny a pregnancy is important. Let’s explore how to read an at-home test result, how to determine the conclusiveness of your result, and what are the best next steps.

How Do I Read My Test Result?

You have that feeling. Something is just a little “off.” Maybe your period is a day or two late. Maybe you feel more fatigued lately, perhaps more often than not. Maybe you’ve had to pee more often than usual and your mood is a constant roller coaster. Perhaps you Googled common pregnancy symptoms and one or two line up with your recent experience. So, you bought an at-home pregnancy test and took it. How do you read your test?

Classic at-home pregnancy tests have one or two result windows. To confirm that the test works, both provide a reference line. In single-window tests, if another line appears beside the reference line, the result is positive. If the test line remains alone, the result is negative. Two-window tests show the reference line in an entirely separate window. In the adjacent window, a plus sign indicates a positive result. A horizontal line indicates a negative result. Digital pregnancy tests simply say “Yes” or “No.” Every test, however, is slightly different. Read and follow the instructions to the best of your ability for maximum accuracy.

How Conclusive Is My Test Result?

To answer this question, we’ll ask two more! First, when did you take the test? Pregnancy tests are more accurate when administered at least a few days after a missed period. Second, how accurate are pregnancy tests in general? If you followed every instruction and waited for a few days after a missed period, most at-home tests are over 90% accurate. However, they aren’t conclusive.

What Are My Next Steps?

Because pregnancy tests aren’t conclusive, it is possible to have a negative pregnancy test and still be pregnant. What’s next? How can you conclusively tell if you are pregnant? At this time, contacting a trusted pregnancy clinic is your best next step. They can point you in the right direction depending upon your situation.

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